Online 5-Day Certification Immersion


5-Day Certification Immersion Online

Buti    Deep  •  HotCore•  Sculpt  •  Buti Bands

September 7th-11th, 2020
In the Buti Online Studio 

Led by Buti Master Trainer & E-RYT, Nani Berger (Click to MEET NANI)

Growth Through Movement

Here’s your chance to earn 5 of our Best-selling Certifications together, Online. No travel or lodging needed for this ultimate opportunity in growth through movement.

You'll save 27% ($725) joining all 5 together. Graduate certified to teach each format globally.

 Be a Multidisciplinary Badass

Every format serves a purpose. Add Buti, Deep, HotCore, Sculpt & Buti Bands to your toolbelt and exponentially thrive as a movement instructor. 

You'll gain an in-depth, integrated understanding of the golden link that ties all Buti formats together:  the spiral structure technique. Use the SST™ to tone from the inside out, maximize body function & resolve detrimental movement patterns in the body. 

Immerse. Integrate. Apply. 

Join us at home this September - first, Nani will guide you through understanding  the Anatomy, Physiology and Muscle Activation at work in each format, laying a solid foundation for the days ahead.

Then, we’ll show you how to take your connection to movement, musicality and sequencing to the next level, step by step. 


September 7th [8am-8pm PST]:
Deep Certification

September 8th [8am-8pm PST]: 
Buti Yoga Certification 

September 9th [8am-8pm PST]: 
Buti Yoga Certification

September 10th [8am-2pm PST]: 
HotCore Certification

September 11th [8am-8pm PST]: 
Sculpt & Buti Bands Certification

We don’t build followers, we build leaders. 

Buti Master Trainer & E-RYT Nani Berger is here to support you in rising in your unique potential as a movement leader. We’ve got the tools and testimonials, if you’ve got the passion to better the world through movement.

It’s been a wild year, yeah? Register now to leave it all on the mat.


What If I Don't Want to Teach?

Certification is for anyone who feels passionate about movement and wants to build that passion, integrate their understanding and scale their skill. 

What Do I Need to Certify?

No prerequisites besides a desire to move & learn all things Buti. You’ll need enough room to move freely, a computer or device with high-speed wifi and a paper + pen. Don’t forget your water, either. 

To record your demo after certifying, you’ll need a smartphone camera or webcam with a microphone. 

How Do I Graduate/Submit a Demo?
You will be given 3 weeks from your certification date to submit a video demo. We will provide feedback and you will pass now - or at a later date.

Can I Really Do this Online?

The feedback we’ve seen from our series of online certifications has been phenomenal. We’ve also listened to your requests - all certifications are limited in size to provide the richness of a small group experience.

Do I Have to Attend Live?

You'll need to be present live for your sessions. Trust us, it's better this way. 

Can I Buy An Individual Certification?

Yes, you can join Buti, Deep, HotCore, Sculpt & Buti Bands separately. You'll save
27% ($725) if you join together here. 

What’s the benefit of 5 Certs in One?

Here, you’ll get all the pieces of the puzzle at once. This immersive, cross-discipline certification is an excellent way to master the Spiral Structure Technique and leverage muscle memory for rapid growth. 



***All payments are non-refundable.  In order to receive your electronic training manual, you will be required to sign our license agreement, sent to you prior to certification day to be signed electronically. If you are unable to attend the certification course you've registered for, you can apply your deposit or full payment to any future training by emailing

*After certification, a $19.99/month Instructor Tools subscription must be maintained while you are teaching (Instructor Tools includes: TONE Online, Monthly Instructor Sequencing and Marketing Materials).