Online Deep Certification with Bizzie Gold

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Welcome to our first-ever online Deep Certification.

This 12 hour [8am-8pm] course will be taught in an online-based webinar format with Buti and Deep Founder Bizzie Gold.

Students will be able to chat questions directly to Bizzie to clarify material live. 

How You'll Certify:

Material will be taught through interactive lecture and physical demonstration All lectures will include visual slides so you’ll be able to follow along on the screen with Bizzie.

Upon completion of presented webinar content, students will have 3 weeks to turn in their 25 min video demonstration.

How We Evaluate:

Based on our grading rubric, you will receive a "pass" or a chance to submit additional demonstration. As a company, we do not believe in failing.

However, we do uphold strict grading criteria and will make sure you receive support from a team member to successfully pass your demo.

Getting Registered:

Once you have paid for your training & signed your licensing agreement,  we will send you:

  • Confirmation of Your Enrollment
  • Your Deep Training Manual
  • Access Instructions for Training Day (the day before the training)

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