Reserve 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training
Reserve 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training
Reserve 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

Reserve 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

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No local trainings? Lock-in your price point and reserve the training of your choice. Tell us in the "Notes" field where you are interested in certifying! We will store your non-refundable credit until you are ready to use it.


Our Yoga Alliance accredited program certifies you to teach Vinyasa Flow,  Hot Yoga and Buti Yoga. Upon successful completion of the program, testing and demonstration you will receive your 200 HR RYT certificate to  be eligible for YA 200 RYT designation.

This female-centric training program places emphasis on the Chakra System and its effects on overall health + wellness. Throughout the program, we relate our yogic knowledge back to Chakra diagnostics, empowering students to breakthrough self-destructive patterns and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Unit 1 begins with The Practice + History of Yoga—students understand and discuss yoga lineages and the unique qualities that define each style. We then move to Yoga- The Effects on the Systems of the Human Body, including an overview of how each bodily system is affected by the practice of Yoga. In Breathing + Beyond, we explore pranayama and the basic principles of physical and energetic anatomy. Unit 1 concludes with 2-Days of Buti Certification.

We begin Unit 2 exploring each yoga asana and Sanskrit. The  Foundations of Hatha Yoga are reviewed pose by pose including Standing, Seated and Twisting Poses. Students will be tested on both energetic + physical anatomy in this Unit. We then dive deeper dive into the Chakra system including Chakras, Koshas and Nadis and their relationship with the nervous and endocrine systems. Students engage in a thought-provoking + teacher led presentation of Chakra Diagnostics and case studies in preparation for Unit 3 of their program.

Unit 3 begins with student-led presentations on the Chakra System. Upon completion and socratic-method discussion, the course moves on to Leadership Styles + Application. This unit empowers students to determine what type of teacher they wish to become and which leadership style best suits their goal. We compare and contrast yoga teachers from past to present to gain a deeper understanding of the spectrum of yoga instruction. On day 3 of this unit, we dedicate our time to Anatomy + Physiology via teacher-led Thai Massage. Students learn to locate muscles and bony structures through both partner massage and illustration diagrams to prepare for their final exam.

Unit 4 begins with a half day of concept review and a half day Inversion Workshop I to teach effective cueing and assistance during inversion practice. Students explore muscle testing and engagement with a partner. The Final Exam takes place over 2 days and includes teaching demo, cumulative written exam and partner cueing and adjustment assessment.

We offer affordable payment plans (deposit + 4 payments – 1 at each unit) and flexible locations for training. You MUST complete all 4 units. However, if your schedule requires you to mix and match your geographic location - we can accommodate you. Your registration or deposit is non-refundable, but is transferrable. If you are unable to attend, you may apply your amount paid to any future training.

Please select Buti Certified Payment Plan ONLY if you are previously certified in Buti Yoga (deposit amount = $600).

Please select Non-Buti Certified Payment Plan if you are NOT a Buti Yoga instructor (deposit amount = $775).

If you are able to pay in-full, select Buti Certified Pay In-Full or Non-Buti Certified Pay In-Full.

To sign-up with a payment plan, please select Buti Certified Payment Plan if you are ALREADY a Buti Yoga Instructor or select Non-Buti Certified Payment Plan if you are NOT a Buti Yoga instructor.