The Silver Bundle is a perfect start point for the Buti Lifestyle and contains the tools to BUILD confidence, MOVE stuck energy, NOURSH your inner physiology + TRANSFORM from the inside out.

Missing your challenge workouts? You'll have them back in your TONE Subscription!

Each  Bundle Includes:
  • 1 DVD or Digital Download of Choice
  • Printed 30 Day Slimdown (Paleo or Paleo-vegan)
  • 1 Month Online TONE Subscription for $0.99

*Discount only applies to NEW customers with no active subscription. You will receive your purchasing code to buy Tone for $0.99 via email—be sure to check your spam folder, too! Email with any questions.


Bundle Options:

DVD or Digital Download:

Dynamic Flow:
Dynamic Flow is an introductory DVD series that teaches you the foundational elements of creating a dynamic yoga practiceSculpt your entire body using Founder Bizzie Gold’s Spiral Structure Technique ™(SST) which applies a multi-dimensional approach to restructuring the muscles of the core.

Soul Sweat:
Set to tribal-inspired beats, Soul Sweat seamlessly belnds dynamic power yoga with high-intensity tribal dance and deep abdominal toning. Soul Sweat is suitable for intermediate to advanced exercisers with experience in the practice of Buti Yoga or vinyasa flow.

Shakti Sweat:
Shakti Sweat seamlessly blends Kundalini activation, advanced cardio, tribal dance and yoga sequencing to tone + sculpt the entire body. Suitable for those with a high level of cardiovascular endurance OR those wanting to push themselves to the MAX! 

30 Day Slimdown Meal Plan 

Paleo or Paleo-Vegan, Printed

 The 30 Day Slimdown is our #1 selling product. Both Slimdowns (Paleo or Paleo-Vegan) are hybrid meal plans+ cookbooks and are 100% Gluten-Free. 100% Grain-Free. 100% Dairy-Free.

You will see a noticeable difference in your overall health, energy level, muscle tone and physical appearance. Customers often report looking visibly different within 3 days of going grain-free.

These are  NOT a diet or  “get fit fast” gimmicks. My plans contain 30 days of easy to prepare, delicious meals, complete with recipes and shopping lists that will become household staples for years to come.This system is intentionally designed to help you achieve what you REALLY want...lasting results in a body you can FEEL good in.


1 Month TONE Online Subscription*

Rated Best Subscriptions by SHAPE Magazine and E! Online, our award winning TONE Subscription features more than 175 professionally recorded Buti Workouts. Practice with Bizzie + Other Buti Instructors PLUS enjoy LIVE Stream Classes from around the world.

Get your Buti on anywhere with an internet connection. Your subscription includes UNLIMITED access 24/7 and NEW workouts added each month! No contracts necessary.

**Note, after purchasing check your email inbox (and let's be honest, your spam folder too) for details on activating your subscription! Email with any questions.



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