Buti® Bands

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One Set Includes 3 Bands with Different Resistance Levels:

  • Heavy
  • Medium
  • Light

Buti® Bands allow you to add resistance training to your existing Buti Sculpt® workouts or as an add-on to your yoga practice. Resistance training helps strengthen the joints' stabilizing muscles, helping you advance in your yoga and fitness practices. Buti® Bands workouts can be found on our online subscription, Buti TV, or on the Buti® Bands DVD.

Buti® Bands can be used to increase joint strength + stability, enhance the look + shape of the booty + help repair joint injury through intentional movement. Moving against resistance helps slow the movement + allows the body to integrate deep stabilizing muscles that might have been missed in previous fitness attempts leading to the initial injury.

Material: 100% Latex

Note:  Due to Covid-19, we are experiencing longer than usual processing + shipping times on this item.