šŸŽ§ WARNING - This @BMVMNT Playlist of the Week + the tracks contained within WILL INDUCE LEVELING-UP.Ā 

If you are a new Buti instructor and are having trouble putting together the perfect playlist just study this one. Build your internal heat through breath-work to start, then transition into heavy, reliable trance beats and grounding-Anahata tribal mixes to set the tone for the 90-minute class to follow. The body-rhythm induction is wordless and increasing in complexity, complete with perfectly placed cardio-burst and breaks.Ā 

If you are a hip-hop head, this compilation is spot-on for branching out into other genres of music for Buti without losing an ounce of soul. And for you experienced butisattvas and instructors, challenge your creativity within class structure as you lead safely for nearly 90 minutes without relying on lyrics to drive movement. Take your practice, your classes and your tribe ALL THE WAY UP.Ā 

This timeless playlist was curated last year by Mama B herself for @Butiyoga Master Trainer Retreat and itā€™s a safe bet that if you are getting ready for Advanced Buti Certification in April this should be bumping through your speakers. Movement IS medicine.

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