Anyone else stoked for 2024?! As 2023 winds down, it’s time to celebrate with bubbly cheers, a thoughtful reflection, and some new badass goals. No matter where you are with your current goals - or what your new goals might be - the end of the calendar year signifies a fresh canvas and you, babe, are holding the bold and beautiful paints. It’s officially time to start preparing for the new year with deep reflections, clear intentions, new habits and tons of sweating! Check out our tips below and start 2024 with radiating excitement and a pumped up spirit. 

Set the Tone for 2024 with Some Intentional Sweat

But first, SWEAT. Kickstart the new year with a butt-kicking workout! With seven formats to choose from, pick from our Buti TV collection and align your sweat with your new year’s goals. Looking to level up your power? Try Buti Yoga. Wanting to tighten and tone? Get down with Sculpt and Bands. Working on expressing your true authentic goddess from within? Pick Primal Flow. Start 2024 with a sweat session and let the energy and excitement of a new year propel you forward. 

Get Deep in Your Journal Reflection 

Before you set out to take over the new year, it’s important to recognize all the things (positive and not-so positive) you have experienced this past year. Get out your journal and spend some good quality time with yourself, thoughtfully reflecting on 2023. Try to go month-by-month so you don’t miss a thing. Here are some juicy prompts to get that pen moving:

  • What accomplishments are you proud of this year?
  • What goals did you have that you didn’t reach? Why not?
  • How did you spend your free time?
  • What was the quality of your relationships?
  • How did you show gratitude?
  • Did you respect yourself and your boundaries? How so?

Write it Down (to Make it Official)

Once you’ve completed your reflection, it’s time to look forward! Keep your journal out and start identifying new goals, ideas and themes with these fresh journal prompts. Spoiler Alert: Resolutions don’t (typically) work BUT a refreshed and thoughtful plan, totally does! Start with these super easy tips to start moving in the right direction.

  • Identify 3 monthly goals to tackle specifics matter! 
  • Pick a theme word (or a couple) for the year. For example, self-love, persistence or BADASS QUEEN, to name just a few! 
  • Choose a place you’ve always wanted to go and book it, babe!
  • Try something new: voice lessons, a new class format, learn a language. Whatever you choose, commit to the process and add it to your monthly goals. 
  • Define your top 5 core values then live by them in 2024 and beyond!

Let it Go

A new year brings endless opportunities to adopt fresh habits, but it also brings opportunities to let go of the weights (metaphorically) in our lives that hold us down. Brainstorm all the things, people and responsibilities that keep you down, and decide to LET THAT SHIT GO. Then bask in the benefits of a lighter you, creating more space to fill with things that lift you up and keep you shining. 

Restock to Refresh

What’s better than a full pantry? A pantry jam packed with healthy foods! Eating healthy doesn't mean you’re doomed to a life of bland food. Nah, babe, it means you're feeding your beautiful body with the right fuel and, if you do it right, crazy good flavor, too! If you’re a cook, splurge on a new health-inspired cookbook and if you’re a simple gal in the kitchen revive your smoothie game with some new creations! Aim to weave a variety of foods with your culinary go-to’s and try a new food or cooking technique every week to keep it spicy in the kitchen. This is especially helpful if your goals consist of improving your diet it’s WAY easier to stay on track when all your options are healthy ones.

Find Accountability in the Buti Community 

Community support is known to cause ultra inspiration, and at Buti, we know this all too well! We created a ButiTV posting forum so we can connect, inspire and support each other as we embark on 2024, TOGETHER! Check out our community post and let your Buti fam in on your 2023 reflections and goals for the new year. Let’s bring on 2024 and all the beautiful vibes that come with it! 

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