Each year, January brings a fresh slate to reflect, change and integrate the areas of your life that need improvement. As we embark on 2024, it’s so (so!) important to take the time to freshen up your daily routines, get excited about your goals and find healthy motivation to get you there. Luckily, Buti has so many trusted tools, platforms and classes to support your journey and some new and exciting things on the (immediate) horizon!  

Goal Setting Like The Boss Babe That You Are

It all starts with reflection. Before you declare your goals, make sure to sit down and reflect on the past year (good and bad) and everything you hope to improve. Then set your intention. Ask yourself what you intend to do with this fresh start then make a badass plan. 

But keep in mind as you begin to plan out your goals, think about the things you wish to add to your year versus the things you hope to take away. When you begin to add things like healthier eating habits, more Buti workouts, mediations and positive affirmations, you’ll naturally begin to detox from the things that no longer serve you. Fill your days with more good vibes and intentions and the not-so-good habits will effortlessly fall off. Promise. 

Integrate Buti Bliss into Your Routine

Variety is key when you’re planning your fitness  journey - which is why we offer 7 amazing and different Buti formats to choose from. As you integrate Buti into your weekly routine, make sure to sprinkle in a bit of every expression so you give love to your whole mind, body and soul. For example, plan your week to include sweating with Buti Yoga, toning with sculpt, core work with HotCore and intentional asanas with DEEP. Each week mix up the order and the formats the variety will ensure you’re covering it all. Plus, mixing it up makes it SO much fun! 

Buti Bootcamp - Stay Inspired through Community Accountability 

Combining community, sweat and a 3-month commitment, our new Buti Bootcamp is the perfect kickstart to your fitness goals! Beginning on January 15th, join Master Trainer Erica O'Callaghan and a community of Butisattvas who are committed to growth and a whole lot of Buti Bliss in 2024. Erica will guide this Bootcamp as she leads a variety of Buti formats, two live Master Classes each month, support circles and an exclusive online community to connect, share and support each other. Whether your fitness goals consist of losing weight, getting toned, being more active, tapping into your power or just having some good ole’ sweaty fun this bootcamp is totally your jam!

Join now!

Finally, give yourself some grace. As you embark on our 2024 goals, there are bound to be obstacles, moments and and even days that distract and discourage you from your goals. Stay focused and know this is all a part of the process. In these moments come back to your intentions through journaling or meditation and tweak any goals that need tweaking. 2024 is not a destination, it’s a beautiful unwritten journey enjoy it! Happy New Year, Butisattvas! 

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