In Buti Yoga, the music on a butisattva’s playlist is not just background noise. It is the pulsing heart-center of our practice. Driving asana, cultivating creativity, uniting bodies + minds, connecting hearts, generating release and inspiring lifelong bonds - this is what is at the true core of any solid Buti musical arrangement. Instructors share with their students the truest intonation of themselves through the speakers as they lead them on a carefully curated journey to sweat-filled self-love. In Buti Yoga, movement is medicine and music is freedom. 

The @bmvmnt Playlist of the Week is from the Denver Tribe’s multi-talented Buti-Mama Tabor Bonde @babydoetabor. “Never Give Up” is a steady down-tempo house mix with consistent pops of increased bpm, holding space for plenty of measured cardio-bursts. Internal heat can be built and maintained over the playlist’s 60-minute span. It challenging, but not overwhelming. Three tracks to keep an ear out for, “Suavamente” “M.O.S.T.C.O.” + the title track “Never Give Up” by Buti mainstay, TroyBoi. The dopeness is ever-present through out.


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