BMVMNT Spotify PLAYLIST OF THE WEEK “PRIMAL PLAY” with Anton Holmes Mackey

BMVMNT Spotify PLAYLIST OF THE WEEK  “PRIMAL PLAY” with Anton Holmes Mackey - Buti Yoga
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STOP. We promise, you’re going to want to stop for this, and Listen. And we can’t be exactly sure that you won’t stop for too long, because soon enough you’re going to be inspired to MOVE. Not in any particular way or method other than allowing the music to guide and dictate breath, spirals, extension, fluidity, shaking - static and otherwise.

This is Primal Play.

Anton Holmes Mackey @antonyoga11 generator of @Butiyoga format PRIMAL FLOW has curated a 3+ hour space for us to experiment with sound, rhythm, frequency, drumbeats, fingersnaps and claps - all reminiscent of the most primal of steady of the heart. A playlist mostly devoid of lyrics, the tracks included allow for deeper energetic discover as the layers tethering us to the tangible world fall away and reveal what truly at center. Heart. Breath. Beat. Movement. Creation. Reunification. Yeah, this is a dope one. Think of this playlist when you are looking to add more essential soul to your Buti-music library, or when you’re just looking to see what your body can do. Let it flow.
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