BMVMNT Spotify Playlist of the Week - WELCOME HOME w/Aubrey Anna Marie

BMVMNT Spotify Playlist of the Week - WELCOME HOME w/Aubrey Anna Marie - Buti Yoga
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Deep doesn’t mean slow, it means...deep. Concentrated, focused, targeted micro-movements meant to communicate with and stimulate forgotten muscles. This weeks playlist “Welcome Home - Deep” from the beautifully grounded @AubreyAnnaMarie offers just that - room for the tiny micro-movements that anchor the Deep practice, while still allowing room to sweat. Aubrey has some tips for effortlessness weaving Deep fundamentals into her favorite tracks.

“Ain’t No More Flowers” is heavy bass mixed with an overall smooth groove allowing you to create space at the top of your class to connect with your breath and allow your body to speak to you. This open communication brings attention to the parts of your body that either want, or need, more love. “BIA” is a long-time Buti banger many have incorporated into classes. It has that sick-groove that taps into your inner fire and calls for deep, slow crunches and twists - generating a slow lasting burn sure to be felt long after you’ve left your mat. And her last top track, “BoyBoy” inspires a gentle, dancing flow with long, fluid stretching through asana while adding perfectly placed micro-crunches and tucks only found in a Deep practice. 

Click here to listen to “Welcome Home - Deep” and so many more from our tribe of dynamic, creative Butisattvas from around the world on the BMVMNT Spotify. We connect not only to our bodies through music, but to each other as well. 

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