For the month of June we are shining the spotlight on Ben White, Primal Movement Alchemist, Master Trainer Trainee AND currently featured in our latest DVD workout series - EVOLVE.

We are so happy to have Ben featured this month since June is also Father's Day. Ben is a proud father of teenage daughters and I'm sure their happy to see their dad leading the masculine evolution of Buti in his first DVD workout series. In this interview, Ben discusses his emotional journey discovering Buti and how it has opened a lot of doors for him as he strives to bring this practice to the forefront of other men who can benefit from what it teaches.

You can watch Ben in action in his dynamic and intense workout series EVOLVE now on DVD + Digital or check out his collections of Tone workouts + more now streaming now on Buti TV

Read on and learn more about Ben...

Series Evolve Now on Dvd + Digital

Q. How did your first learn about Buti?

I heard about it when Amanda Jackson @goldenstatefit came into a yoga class one day at my home studio when she was asked to introduce herself and what she did...Years later she was in my 200 YTT and taught a class for everyone. I was front and center next to her and we rocked it out hardcore. She recently came to my class like 7 months pregnant and I was able to return the butt kicking! Love you Amanda!

Q: How has Buti been transformational in your life?

Buti gave me hope at a time where life was kicking my ass honestly. I was going through intense therapy work focused on healing lots of childhood trauma. I had challenges in my relationship and in raising teen/preteen daughters. It was messy...I was so raw and open from all the internal work I was doing and at times I felt like I couldn’t get a at times seemed unbearable but the practice was changing me. It empowered me to take back all the power I had been giving away for far too long. Conversations with Bizzie about the impact I felt Buti could have on men as well as women motivated me to go to cert. I wanted to be a part of something I felt was truly transformational. After that the doors just kept opening and I’m so grateful for the opportunities that continue to arise.

Conversations with Bizzie

Q: Why//How did the Buti Community resonate and become so important to you?

The Buti community is really what continues to drive my dedication to the practice. It’s been overwhelming the amount of support I’ve gotten. I have made lifelong friends overnight and somany of the people I’ve met I immediately had a connection with. Buti by nature is a completely supportive network of amazing humans that are just trying to move, be free, feel and express themselves fully. To me that the essence of self love, compassion and support for each other. I dig that a lot.

Q: How Does Buti Play a Part in Your Future and The Direction You’re Heading?

It weaves seamlessly with everything I've been studying and practicing as a lifestyle, passion & profession. Where that leads I’m not 100% sure but I trust that Buti will be an integral part of all my future ventures. I wanna share it with the world and help continue to progress with the practice and the brand.

Q. What was your inspiration for the workouts developed for Evolve?

What kept coming up for me was just allowing all my joy, pain, triumphs, failures, emotions, fears & love to express themselves through movement & music. The elements were a big, air, fire & water...source, creation & the manifestation of life unboxed and free to explore and move without limits or judgement. We talked a lot about alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination and that’s what creative movement feels like for me.

Master Trainer Trainee Spotlight: Ben White

Q. How did the Evolve project come along?

First of all I can't say enough about the production team at Buti. They are incredible.

Between the online platform and all of the media, trailers, and videos they put out it's truly remarkable the quality of work they do. I think the first tone we put out kinda set the tone but was a hard one to top my heart and soul went into that workout Britt & I did and the feedback on how it resonated with people was so humbling. Bizzie talked about me coming out to film and rather than do tones just put together a DVD. We filmed 4 workouts that first day. There is something magical that happened with each workout I became more and more open raw and vulnerable. The 4th workout I was spent my body ached big time but there is something about Buti that when you don’t think you can continue that when all the magic happens. It was truly a team effort and I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support. Bizzie & the video production team's unwavering belief in me and the bond that was built in that room is something I'll never forget.

Q. How would you describe the Primal Movement philosophy?

To me primal movement is intuitive, natural & free flowing. It involves various animal styles...amphibian like being in the womb to monkey style quadrupedal movements, crawling, rolling, learning to pull, push, bend, twist, squat, lunge & walk (gait) Allowing all those to blend and weave seamlessly together while developing strength through full range of motion is what I feel primal movement is all about.

Q: What's your favorite part of the Teacher Trainings?

Getting to take other peoples classes. The support everyone shows during demos and learning new transitions and flows. I don’t get to take many peoples classes so anytime I get to be led by someone in Buti I get super stoked. Everyone is so creative and I find myself laughing out loud because I’m getting my ass kicked in all the good ways. If you’ve practiced next to me you prob know what I’m talking about. My dad always told me “If you laugh it wont hurt” lol

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Q: What are your goals for the next 6 months to a year?

I’d love to jump into the deep, bands & sculpt certs and really just absorb as much knowledge about the practice as I can. I wanna continue to develop my unique expression of the practice while remaining true to Buti. All that and I’m launching the first of many “A conscious approach” retreats that will weave holistic nutrition, lifestyle management, Buti, yoga, travel & self discovery all into an amazing life changing experience. First one is this December 7th-12th in Costa Rica and I’m thrilled to be teaming up with the incredible Britt Hodgen and Andrea Spacek an amazing Thai yoga massage therapist I work with here in California.

Q: What Is It About the Buti Community that You Most Connect With?

The real authentic true expression of self without judgement! The continued support and love everyone shows for each other.

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