There are so many members of the Buti Tribe who are emboldened by the affect the practice has had on their personal lives. Inspired by the transformation taking inside, these individuals have taken it upon themselves to incorporate yoga philosophy and Buti Yoga Core Values + ideology off the mat and into their communities in the form of philanthropy. One such butisattva is Beckie Harmon.

Becks is a yogini who is absolutely Building the World she wants to live in through servant leadership. She runs a taco truck in her town, New Bern, NC that serves food to anyone and everyone who is in need...for FREE. She doesn’t accomplish this large task alone - her tribe definitely has her back, but she is the catalyzing energy behind the care and comfort she provides for those in real need. 

“Everyone who helps me on the truck also practices Buti with me, even my teenage ones. They all truly embody the action of taking the depth of your practice off of the mat and into the world. They show up to sweat, practice, intend and create on the mat and then out in the world they are doing the same building. Once a wise person said to me ‘while direct service can be tireless work, don’t ever stop trying to empty the ocean with a spoon’ and I carry that with me daily. I’ll never stop trying to change a life through a meaningful hot meal🙏🏼 nothing is too small to affect change. not even a taco.” YESSS, Girl!

Becks has worked hard to establish a system regarding giving that works well for her operation.  “We always worked closely with direct service providers from the jump.” 
And when Hurricane Florence devastated her coastal city she realized the greatest need was to fill bellies for free, and fast. “We began feeding people at no cost, non-stop. Running solely off donations and volunteers hard work, we decided to make it our mission to continue doing it that way. [They continued] Feeding vulnerable populations whenever possible and simply giving people love through good quality foods at no cost to them no matter the circumstance.” 

Beckie works full time and teaches Buti + spin. 100% of the donations brought to her go straight to food and overhead costs created concerning maintenance, diesel and propane, etc. Keep up with Beckie and her incredibly giving operation on Instagram - @putyourbeckintoit.

Beckie is a shining example of how we don’t just move in the community, we have the ability to MOVE the community. Thank you, Becks, for the example you are setting and the change you are openly exhibiting in the world. 

Do you have a Buti Yoga tribe member in mind who exhibits core values on and off the mat? Send us an message using the email address + let us know what they are up to and how the ripples of positivity are spreading as they bring their special brand of Buti magic. We are here for THIS! 

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