Here's Why DEEP is the Yin to Your Buti Yang [A Q+A With Crystal Palermo]

Here's Why DEEP is the Yin to Your Buti Yang [A Q+A With Crystal Palermo] - Buti Yoga
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"DEEP brought me back to myself through intentional self-touch and lots of love"

says Crystal Palermo. She's not one to choose words lightly. 

Buti HQ talked to the Lead Buti Master Trainer to discuss her journey with, perspective on and passion for the restorative movement format from Buti. 

Her love for the practice is evident - she just released Buti® DEEP on DVD and Digital Download. 

Don't let "restorative" fool you - DEEP is unlike any restorative yoga class you've ever been too. The challenge of a Buti practice is still present: just in a different direction. Even though DEEP is low-impact - you can expect to be sore tomorrow. 

Q: What's there to love?

Crystal: "I fell in love with deep because it spoke to my soul! I experienced a lot of trauma in my pregnancy and post pregnancy and went a long time not "talking to" my body.

I love that DEEP cuts through the superficial layer and gets to what is held underneath it all.

I LOVE the science behind deep. It keeps the mind busy,  focused on the physical and allows the soul and emotions the freedom to let go!" 

DEEP doesn't just tone the core - it revitalizes and rebuilds - while adding hands-on muscle activation to stimulate mind to body connection: truly transforming from the inside out. 

Buti® DEEP uses several methods to enhance the balance and mind-body connection of the brain.

Q: How does this mind-body connection become hindered in the first place?

Crystal: "When there are negative thoughts/feelings, trauma, or disconnect in the body, the brain will "disconnect" or stop communicating effectively with that part of the body and associate it with pain, shame, discomfort, etc. therefore shutting down communication in order to keep you from experiencing the pain or discomfort."

Q: One technique DEEP uses is intentional self-touch (muscle activation). What's that experience like?

Crystal: "When we physically touch - while also activating or massaging the muscles, we are reconnecting our brain with that part of the body in a mindful and intentional way, in order to rebuild and restore communication and efficiency in the body. Once the communication is clear and positive, the body is able to build more strength and mobility."

Q: Cross crawl is another technique to directly impact the brain's hemispheric balance. Can you explain that?

Crystal: "Cross crawl helps to activate both hemispheres of the brain to create better balance. Favoring one side of the brain or body will lead to overuse of one side while underutilizing the other. Every excess is a defect. Cross crawl activates both hemispheres, therefore, strengthening both."

Brain's Hemispheric Balance

DEEP is a challenging practice. Unlike a high-impact Buti workout, however - the REAL challenge of DEEP is often less physical.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you see in your practice?

Crystal: "Sitting with it. Sitting with whatever comes up, sitting with uncomfortable postures, or sitting with your own thoughts and even your own touch. I find that for myself and students, sitting and breathing through discomfort, emotions, or challenges that come up is hands down the most difficult part of the practice. I didn’t bargain for how much emotional release would come from the practice. Some feel joy, love, sadness, anger, you name it."

It's easy to avoid from discomfort - or to avoid altogether the edges within us where we confront tension, discomfort, anxiety -  but as the Buti DEEP tribe grows it's evident: there must be a payoff.

Q: What's the experience like in a DEEP class?

Crystal: "Everyone has their own experience in class. I've come to see it that students get the experience they are NEEDING...even if they didn't know they needed it. Deep allows you to get out of the way and just let whatever needs to come up move through you - meanwhile rebuilding, restructuring and rewiring new positive mind body connections in place of it."

 Q: What insight do you have for those who want to add DEEP to their practice?

Crystal: "It is a perfect balance to a Buti practice as it allows you to go DEEPER into your own practice and continue to strengthen from the inside out. Deep is the Yin to our Buti Yang. The core strengthening, hip and heart opening, and self-massage is a beautiful way to love on your body and enhance the benefits of your Buti practice while enhancing mind-body awareness and functionality. DEEP allows you to build an even stronger core and sense of awareness which has huge benefits in your Buti practice and self-love game."

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