Community Spotlight: Marissa Greene + The Phoenix Group

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The intersection between Butisattva and community is the apex at which true collective healing occurs. Using movement in spaces to yoke the body back to a condition in which it is no longer in a state of simply surviving, but thriving is a true gift. One that many butisattvas give quietly + freely with genuine understanding of the power that lies in connecting breath to movement rooted in the ancestral center of us all. Marissa Greene and the work that she does bringing Buti to The Phoenix Group is no different.
Hoenix Group Is No Different
I got involved with the Phoenix group about a year ago now. One of my really good friends, a fellow Buti instructor and a person in recovery asked me to be involved. We started teaching Buti to a group called The Turning Point - a recovery center in our area of Barre, VT. I had to stop doing that at one point because management changed hands, and I was always a little sad at the loss of opportunity to contribute to a group of people I identified with and held dear. My mother was in recovery from the time I was seven until she passed away when I was 17. I know that my life would be completely different if she hadn’t found recovery. If she hadn’t found a community that supported her and encouraged her to become healthy I wouldn’t have had the mother I had. I know that my foundation would be completely different.
My Mother Was in Recovery from the Time
When I was asked to lead the Phoenix group I absolutely jumped at the chance and when I was brought on as an instructor I was asked to do a slow restorative class, but I listened to my gut and integrated Buti movements into the flow style class.  In the Buti community, we all know that this is the cure to something secret or hidden and we know that this movement heal and I knew that there was special something special that this practice could bring to this group of people. I have made friends through this practice and this group, as well as making a real impact in my community. I know that if I can help somebody stay on their path to recovery and healing that they will pay it forward - we do truly ripple out. When we touch a life, that life in turn touches other lives and so on and so forth. It is only in a community-type environment that we can we truly heal.
The Phoenix Group
I talk about The Phoenix Group when I teach at the men’s prison because often when they are released there is no plan to continue yoga or mindfulness in their lives. I think that The Phoenix Group offers such an invaluable resource to a group of people who really need community support in order to maintain sobriety, healthy habits and genuine quality of life. The Phoenix group is free for anyone who has 48 hours of recovery and/or a support person. 

Beautiful. Marissa and The Phoenix Group recently reached quite a milestone as they turned one year old April 4. Visit ThePhoenix.Org for more information. Feel free to reach out through the website for the potential of starting a group in your area. Community over competition. Connect and Thrive.

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