Getting Ready for Your VIBE + FLOW Certification

 VIBE + FLOW Certification Buti MVMNT
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Is there a better feeling than being on your mat and vibing + flowing with the music?

Vibe +Flow Certification

VIBE + FLOW is an intuitive vinyasa practice incorporating continuous movement with props and modifications towards an expression of your intention. Personalized music, yoga philosophy, and dynamic mobility are layered into fluid flows to set the foundation and purpose of your vibe. 

Classes are formed to ALIGN the body with awareness, incorporate purposeful + intentional movements to focus on FLUIDITY, and synchronize the musical beat with motion, breath, and flow to establish the mood and set a VIBE.

Join Master Trainer, Nani Berger, and get ready to sweat, shine + create Buti bonds of a lifetime.

There are a few items that Nani recommends to help get you ready for the certification and make sure you are feeling your best!

How to Prepare

What's the best way to prepare for the certification? Practice!

Now is no time to slack on your workout game. The best way to prepare for certification is to stream Buti workouts at home to build muscle memory quickly. We suggest the workouts that inspired Vibe + Flow, Hot Vibes on Buti TV. 

What to Bring

Here is our list of things you should bring to the certification weekend:

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Pens/Highlighters
  • Changes of workout clothes (we will show you our favorites below)
  • A device to build a playlist on (in-person certifications)
  • A quiet space + room to move (online certifications)
  • A laptop or desktop with reliable WiFi (online certifications)
  • Printed manual

What to Wear

Picking what to wear is probably the most exciting thing to prep before certification weekend. Who doesn't love cute + functional activewear? We do, so we asked Nani which NKD pieces are her favorite.  Distressed Denim Lace Up Sports Bra

VIBE + FLOW Certification Buti MVMNT Bra

The High Neck Lace Up Bra from NKD features a crew neckline that serves to highlight strong shoulders. The thick under-bust band delivers taut support for any level of workout. Sleek and sexy corset-style cross-back straps tethered with metal rings keeping you secure and stable as you work up a sweat.

What Nani says about the High Neck Lace Bra: "The bra is very functional, and I feel secure and supported as I move through transitions. The bra design doesn't hurt my shoulders, neck, or back, and it remains in place. The open back provides a cooling sensation allowing my breath to expand." Pink+Purple Cheetah Leggings

VIBE + FLOW Certification Buti MVMNT leggings

Your go-to for a sweat intensive workout, these high-intensity activity pocket leggings are made with medium compression + breathable fabric. Featuring a waistband that stays put while you move + stitch to highlight and contour your curves.

Nani's go to NKD leggings: "The leggings are soft, and they allow for space but hug my body to feel secure and supported as I move through transitions freely. They also soak up sweat without sticking to my body and remain soft. " Black B-Aligned Yoga Mat

VIBE + FLOW Certification Buti MVMNT b-aligned mat

This mat is made with 4mm of embossed matte black natural rubber designed to improve your alignment + keep you in place. 

We may be biased, but we love our yoga mat. Nani says "My favorite yoga mat is the b-align Buti mat, it's amazing! Not only does the mat have a high-quality nonslip grip top, nice padding for the knees, and a comfortable stable feeling of foundation, it also has lines to assist with feet placement and helps establish body alignment with awareness."


Now you are ready for your certification! 

Certification weekend is unlike anything else. Nani says "I'm looking forward to joining you at a  VIBE + FLOW certification or a class virtually from your home as we connect, VIBE, and experience the movement medicine practice together."

Sign up for a VIBE + FLOW Certification here and start sweating with intention!

You can also attend our community classes! Find out more about our classes here

Grab the essentials + we'll see you on the Buti mat. Let's VIBE + FLOW

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