INSTRUCTOR SPOTLIGHT - Dr. Kristina Brantley

INSTRUCTOR SPOTLIGHT - Dr. Kristina Brantley - Buti Yoga
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The @BUTIMVMNT instructor/trainer deck is stacked! We are blessed to have talented, intelligent, passionate teachers from all walks of life and all over the world who work diligently to hone their own skills and practice, truly internalizing and living our Buti Core Value - You can only lead others as far as you lead yourself. DR. Kristina Brantley is no exception. She is continually embodying Buti on her mat through her creative sequencing/transitions + power moves and in her other off-the-mat gig as a Mathematics professor. @Dr.krustina.b is an incredible master trainee and generally dope, inquisitive, supportive human being. Check her out as she tells her own Buti story. Kristina is Buti.⚡️

“Buti helped me get through my PhD and find my connection with my body after years of compounded sports injuries, a traumatic fall, and a narcolepsy diagnosis. While the movement is what my body really needed, it's the people I met and the connections I made that have really made a difference. I did my Buti cert (2015) and 200 hr (2016) while finishing my PhD, and the community of support and accountability that came from that was instrumental in my finishing school. Buti is my gym, my therapy, and my church all wrapped into one. Yoga is first and foremost about our relationship with ourselves, and how that relationship transcends to how we treat others and the world around us. Buti really forged that relationship with myself that I was missing, finding my true self after years of striving for perfection and people pleasing.

Passing that on as a teacher is a true gift. One of my absolute favorite things is going to certs with local ladies who are getting certified. I've done this so many times I can't even count. When I did my training, the Buti Core values weren't in the manual yet, and I'm so happy they are now, because I truly believe they are all exemplified by the practice and the people associated with it.”

Current Buti Jam - “Shakalaka” Steve Aoki 

Favorite Buti Format - HotCore 

Thank you, Kristina, for sharing your movement-medicine.  

Want to catch up with Kristina and take a live class in New Mexico, or with any of the rest of our amazing master trainers and instructors? Use the Class Finder feature on our website and Sweat With Intention in a live class or take advantage of the Tone two-week free trial - our online streaming service. Connect + Thrive. 

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