You would be hard-pressed to find another Buti instructor who works as hard to truly embody Buti as the lovely Master Trainee Inga Seals. In her community, in her classes, at trainings + events, Inga’s deep connection to this practice permeates her life beautifully. 

Inga on Buti’s impact:

“When I was a little girl, I was always the one that was considered too much, too loud, too passionate. It turns out that I truly just have an enormous amount of love to give to humanity. I love Buti because it gives me the opportunity to create a love-based culture in the work that I do everyday. Teaching Buti Yoga is my deepest passion because it's my outlet for release. We slap the mat, shake out the trauma, and howl to encourage each other to push through. This is where I belong, where I thrive, and I can inspire others to shine.

My favorite format is ButiYoga, but Deep is also close to my heart. I fall in love with Deep a little more everyday. 

I want to tell anyone who calls themselves a #BUTISATTVA (male or female) to keep pushing past your limits. As we shine, we grow the light of this practice. Keep moving, keep blooming, and never allow anything to stand in your way. Obstacles are stepping stones.”

Inga has been affectively channeling her immense passion for all things heart-centered and soul-freeing, not just into her practice, but naturally into her connections + relationships as well. “Tianna (pictured) and I met in my first year of teaching Buti. We yelled to a song at the same time, and have been best friends ever since. She has taught me what a real friendship can be, and has been the for me in numerous ways. She is truly my sister.” As we are sure you are to her. 

Inga teaches all over the Houston, TX area and when she’s not teaching movement, she’s with her beautiful girls, engaged in her community + on the hunt for the perfect crystals. Keep up with her on Instagram - @yoga.goddess420 and in the Buti Forum on Facebook. Thank you, Inga, for all that you bring to Buti Yoga.  ♥️

🎧 What She’s Listening To:  “Ninja” Ray Ray & Crisis Era 


Inga @yoga.goddess420

Tianna @youngyogi.t 

📸 @token713

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