Melt Into Movement: Beginning Buti® Yoga [FAQ]

Buti is the practice that came into my life out of nowhere. It's a workout that showed me pieces of myself that I kept buried. Buti Yoga is the one thing that so clearly revealed where I was hiding out and where I was judging myself too harshly to allow myself the opportunity to be free." - Butisattva

Buti is defined in the Indian Dialect Marthi as: A cure that has been hidden away or kept secret.

Your power to heal + transform your life isn't found outside yourself - it's sourced within. You won't find your power in any fit gadget or number on the scale.

At Buti, we create tools for you to tap into the power within yourself. 

Buti is a workout, but it's also a vibrant lifestyle of transformation. We’re here to guide you in building yours, and to hold you accountable to stick WITH it 🔥

Thriving with Buti happens with 3 primary tools: Movement, Nutrition and Community.


Buti is unlike any other movement method you’ve met. This is one workout that changes your life just as much internally as externally.

If 8-counts and repetitive sequencing inspire your practice - power to you.

But if you're like over 100,000 students who call Buti their soulmate workout, we prefer freedom through movement instead. 

Abs without confidence is an empty goal. Buti transforms you from the inside out, awakening confidence and self-love on the way.


It's true: we are quite literally what we eat. At Buti we don't count calories, we never deprive ourselves, and we stay the f*ck away from scales (seriously ... throw that soul-less robot away).

Instead, we keep it simple. We skip the 2 most inflammatory and irritating food groups: grains and dairy.

Grains + dairy might taste good, but the reality is that these food groups cause bloat and mind fog. Plus a whole host of other symptoms. 

Feeling fine? Unfortunately, if you've never given up grains and dairy you can no longer sense their impact. Only in the contrast of giving them up can you see how they actually affect you.

Don't panic if you love them as much as we used to. Bizzie created several different 30-day meal plans that are Paleo, Vegan, Italian inspired, and Asian inspired to easily guide you through a month of eating grain and dairy-free.


Remember you belong. 

At Buti, we connect + THRIVE with ourselves, movement and each other. Genuine connection and accountable support are the very foundations of this practice. 

Whether practicing at home, sweating in a live class, or connecting online in our private subscriber community, competition and cattiness just aren't a thing here. 

You'll never see any less than unconditional camaraderie in our classrooms. Join us for a Buti Certification to experience this tangible energy reaching its peak. 


Absolutely. This movement method meets you where you ARE, but we won't tone down the intensity of this practice to treat you like a “beginner”. We do this because we don't want to hold you hostage in modifications - there's no limit to your growth with Buti. 

Step up for a challenge, focus on feeling the movement in your body and watch your muscle memory - and grace - on the mat scale rapidly.


You can start your Buti movement practice in several ways:

Buti DVD Digital Downloads - Available for every skill level, Buti DVD programs and digital downloads break down movements, sequencing and modifications to build a foundation for your practice.

The Buti Online Subscription - Most Butisattvas choose to subscribe to our award-winning streaming subscription for the best value and access to 200+ workouts + counting.


We recommend you keep your workout schedule simple - and committed. For optimum results, hit your mat 3 Days ON and 1 Day OFF.  

Committing to your practice might feel like work at the start, but within a few sessions, you'll have to resist the urge to overtrain. 

Rest days are necessary so your body can rebuild + recover. It's counterproductive to skip them ... so don't.


We do not recommend you practice Buti during your 1st trimester. However, many  Butisattvas practice throughout the remainder of their pregnancy; Buti's deep core engagement is an excellent tool to prepare you for recovery post-childbirth.

Post-partum, Buti (and our restorative format, DEEP) can significantly expedite your recovery rate - while helping to heal conditions like diastasis recti (ab separation).

As always, we encourage you to consult a doctor before starting any new workout routine.


The Buti tribe is an incredibly diverse, global collective that comes from all walks of life. When you start Buti you join over 100,000 women, men - and children - in over 25 countries and 40 states. Welcome home.


Lasting transformation isn’t about getting skinny, building abs, or any other physical goal. What you really want is to feel AMAZING. The rest will follow.

At Buti, we’ve found that sustainable transformation is built on 3 pillars: FEEL, THINK and LOOK.


Transformation that sticks doesn’t begin with a physical result; it starts with how you FEEL, and a commitment to practices that help you feel tangibly better - like Buti.


As you begin FEELING  better, how you THINK about your life and the ease of the choices you make (IE what to eat, the decision to workout) shifts more easily, too.


Feeling your best and armed with the mental fortitude to make positive choices, what’s left? Physical transformation. 

Buti will show you how the journey to self-love isn’t a destination to reach; it’s about feeling better + awakening confidence every step of the way.  

We're here to help you get started with movement, nutrition + community with our Buti Bliss Box. You'll get a workout DVD of your choice, a meal plan of your choice, 7 days of Golden Ratio (our GF DF protein), a Buti welcome booklet, and compliment cards.


  • Rebecca Hawley

    I’m a 44 mom of two adult(olescent) children. I’m finally at a place in my life where I have time to work on me and what I want. I got my Dynamic Flow videos last December and didn’t start really using them until mid July of this year. I used the 3 day on 1 day off schedule as far as what workouts I w/as doing but I did them 3 days a week because that felt like something I could commit to.

    In all transparency, I started because I knew I was attending a gathering where I would be dancing around a sacred fire for three nights from midnight until dawn. I wanted to make sure I was able to keep it going. I even tried the one of the Hot Core workouts… I realized very quickly that I need to work up to those as many of the movements I couldn’t do at all. It was a great laugh for me though and I was definitely more sore in my abs then I had been to date.

    Since that gathering, I committed to the 3 days off and one day on schedule. I’m in my second week. It’s hard work AND I love it! I am curious if there is a place where I could ask questions about modifications because of some of some previous injuries. Could you make a recommendation for that?

    I live in Ithaca, NY. We multiples of every kind of yoga being taught in this tiny town EXCEPT Buti. I’m seriously considering getting my teaching certification after I get through my herbalism apprenticeship. (or maybe while depending on what turns up).

    Thank you for creating this method! I love it!

  • chelsey prince

    So, I am new to buti yoga, but the length of the videos and the vast amount are kind of intimidating. Is there a recommended time or video for beginners? I do however LOVE the 10min I have done so far =)

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