Playlist of the Week: PROPHECY @alovemylove

Playlist of the Week: PROPHECY @alovemylove - Buti Yoga
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Music, the language of ALL + Buti, the movement of WE = absolute magic. Even though we might be separated in body, we remain united in movement through music. It’s universal, y’all and this playlist doesn’t miss a collective beat. And, if you’re looking to take it easy on your mat during this 60-minute playlist, this is not the one.

What you WILL get from PROPHECY by @alovemylove is tribal sweat, room for creativity + flow, space for heart-opening and glute isolating.

🍑Listen to PROPHECY

now by following the @bmvmnt Spotify through the LinkTree in our bio.

🔥#butiyoga #bmvmnt #movementismedicine #movementofwe #connectandthrive

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