For Rose West, an enthusiastic health lover and Buti yoga instructor, her two passions aligned perfectly last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

"I felt a 1000% YES MOMENT in my soul"

Rose, an Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne who has spend 13 years with the company, was nominated to teach a Buti Yoga class at Arbonne's global training conference called Empower Live! As the largest Arbonne event of the year, over 7,500 people from all over the world convened at the MGM Grand from July 13th to 15th, 2022. This session was offered with all registration donated to the Flourish Foundation, a non-profit organization branch of Arbonne dedicated to offering programs and services to assist youth in their mental health journeys.

She was surprised + excited to be teaching to a room of over 1,000 consultants, many of whom hadn't heard of Buti Yoga. Normally, Rose teaches at a local studio in Northern California to around 25 students on a weekly basis. She kicked off the morning with some big Buti energy in the grand ballroom of the MGM Grand, feeling right at home once the DJ started dropping some beats.

"There was a magical ending to the class. All one thousand of these students formed a giant circle, seated knee-to-knee. The perfect song played reminding everyone of just how valuable they are", said Rose when asked about her experience. "It was an incredibly beautiful moment". 

Of course, one of the signature Buti moves - static shake - was received very well during this class. "I found this to be a 1000% YES moment in my soul. This was a meaningful, creative experience for me." Moving through emotions during a Buti Yoga class is one of Rose’s favorite things about Buti! "When everyone is shaking… the room becomes alive, free, and so much joy is released!"

A Butisattva's Journey Into Buti Yoga

Rose's journey into Buti was somewhat spontaneous. She had heard of Buti before and had this on her bucket list to become a teacher. It wasn't until a global pandemic shifted Buti MVMNT's certification training in Scottsdale, Arizona to an online event that pushed Rose to sign up. The certification training pivoted within a week to an online format, + Rose caught wind of this change only just 24 hours before the virtual doors opened. 

After submitting her demo video and making her certification official, Rose began teaching at parks and in her backyard as a way to build up her confidence in her role as a teacher. Later, she began teaching at a studio in Auburn, California + continues to offer weekly classes at Eastwind Yoga. 

Buti Yoga As A Healthy Lifestyle

Embodying a healthy perspective on life is very important to Rose. She defines her life's purpose as helping others to find ways to optimize their health + lifestyles, that's where both Arbonne and Buti MVMNT come in. Rose is passionate about giving back to the community by sharing knowledge of better sleep, nutrition, hormones, + routines - with a well rounded look at health. 

It is an honor for us to highlight Rose's journey here on Buti MVMNT. She is an amazing woman who is continuing to follow her dreams. Rose is currently working towards her 200 hour YTT She hopes to open a studio of her own one day, + to travel across the country teaching at different yoga focused festivals. 

Follow along on Rose's journey by visiting her Instagram @rosewest_healthyandhappy. We encourage you to reach out to Rose directly and ask for her limited time promo code offering 30% off a lifetime membership to Buti TV.

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