When it comes to Buti workouts, the collective energy and transformative vibes in any given class are instant + constant. This happens for so many reasons but today we are talking about the beat blended music that finds its way to your mat – and your heart– to help carry you through the challenging and sweaty expressions that Buti LOVES to bring.

The playlists chosen by our Master Trainers are intentionally created to force you out of your head and into your body. There are no counting reps during Buti classes – nope! Instead we celebrate freedom of expression through just the right songs, at exactly the right time. The music leads the way and our mind, body and soul follows intuitively– and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Buti taps into emotional, physical and energetic fields through primal movement, dynamic asanas and cardio sprints all set to the backdrop of perfectly curated beats that’ll make you forget you’re sweating. Instead you’ll break down barriers to remember who you are and rise up in all your power. It’s seriously that good. We asked two of our Master Trainers, Rachel Cadrin + Kris Egger, to explain why they love the music-driven approach Buti brings and what their go-to summertime anthem is this year. Keep reading for their thoughtful responses AND some new jams to add to your Buti-time summer playlist!

Rachel Cadrin: I believe music moves us. Whether physically in those moments when we can't help but dance along to the beat or emotionally where we are moved to tears or into a state of bliss. Music is an experience; it is the sharing of one's soul, which is why it creates such a sensation in the body when we hear it. Music can say the words we can't, make it safe to feel the things we don't want to feel or take us back to a memory. Music is such a powerful thing. I find Buti to be so powerful because of the connection with the music. I believe Buti allows for the release and healing it does because it uses music to drive the class. We all have songs that get us through something or that we can just feel in our souls and when we move to those songs it's magic and to me that is the magic of Buti.

Summer Song: The song living rent free in my head this summer is Sweet Dreams by Trinix.

Kris Egger: Have you ever found yourself tapping your feet to the rhythm of music, swaying your hips in sync with a beat, or even breaking into a full-blown dance when one of your favorite songs comes on? Music inspires movement and evokes emotions, allowing us to explore expressive freedoms that may have otherwise remained dormant. In the realm of fitness and yoga, where traditional forms follow predetermined counts, patterns, and repetitions, the question arises:why is Buti music driven?

At the core of music lies rhythm, a force that ignites our innate desire to move. Beats are a catalyst that synchronizes our bodies and creates a seamless connection between music and physicality. In Buti, music becomes the fuel that propels us forward – transforming sweat into a rhythmic journey. The fusion of movement and music allows us to tap into our primal instincts and engage in a transformative experience that transcends the confines of traditional routines.

Music has a remarkable influence with the power to evoke a range of emotions. It can speak directly to our hearts, feelings of joy, passion, determination – and yes, even energetic release. In Buti, music is a conduit for emotional expression and inspiration. As we move through rhythms, Butisattvas unleash pent-up energy, allowing prana to move freely through our bodies. The dynamic interplay between music and movement enables us to channel our emotions, find release, and foster a deeper connection with ourselves.

One of the defining aspects of Buti is the freedom it offers for self-expression. By incorporating music into the practice, Buti instructors can create an environment encouraging students to let go of inhibitions and embrace authenticity. Beats and melodies have the unique ability to provide a backdrop for exploration, allowing each Butisattva to discover new movements and push through self-preserved boundaries with their communities – even online.

However, Buti classes are far from random. Our playlists are the structural backbone. You could even go as far as saying that playlists are theonly predetermined sequence that Buti instructors follow. By carefully curating unique playlists, instructors can tap into the intuitive power of music, choosing tracks that deeply resonate with the intentions, class difficulty, and flow they wish to create. I’d say that the word “carefully” is even understated – each playlist is constructed for a purpose. I’m sure many instructors can say they spend HOURS each week researching tracks and creating exceptional playlists (myself included). Many of us have our own playlists on repeat while we aren’t practicing Buti!

Summer Songs: To give you a sense of my own musical flair that I bring to my classes, here are a variety of go-to songs that I find myself using this summer:

- Where You Are by John Summit, Hayla - Another You – DLMT Remix by BONNIE X CLYDE, DLMT - Play by Alewya

- Low Key by Darkk Matter, One True God - Manray – Sam Wolfe Remix by Markus Schultz, Dakota, Sam WOLFE - QQTF by Lena Dardelet, Calacote - Slai by Desire | Music - Abracadabra by ICHI

So, the next time you find yourself immersed in a Buti class, surrender to the music. Let it help you to get out of your head and into your bodies –physical, energetic, and emotional.

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