Butisattva Emily Scher is a Buti Yoga FB Forum mainstay and absolute sunshine. She helps to guide the forum with her daily Tone workout updates, beautiful food and incredible photography. When Emily experienced the loss of her home to the California wildfires last year she continued without fail to find reserved stores of joy to share with the tribe as she worked to maintain and rebuild the world she most wanted to live in. Emily is absolute and lovely proof that Buti truly is a practice of inclusivity, and for everyBODY. Her infectious smile says it all. 

I found this practice while struggling with an extra 15-20 lbs that would not come off no matter how hard I exercised or how well I ate right. I saw my gorgeous friend Shanti Zimmerman sharing about how all she does is Buti Yoga. I went to the forum to have a peek and was keen to try it because it looked fun, sensual, and NOT repetitive! I was intrigued also by the different vibe of music chosen in the Tones I tried out. I jumped right into a 2 week challenge, eliminating grains and dairy while practicing 3 days on and one day off. I also added the Golden Ratio Nutrition shake for breakfast each day. 3 years later, I STILL can't wait to begin the day with my GR smoothie. All 3 of these things together made the extra weight fall off while eating as much as I wanted. My body became a better listening and I found myself stopping mid meal when I was full instead of finishing for the sake of cleaning my plate. There was zero deprivation.

And then, something miraculous started to happen inside me. My vibration was getting tuned and calibrated without trying. I didn't even know it was out of balance! Everything came together as I warmed this place in my home, on the floor with nothing but a spiral, me and my mat. The primal movements bring out the animal in me and tribal dance makes me forget I'm working, because my cells are celebrating and happy!

Ever since I began this practice, people 'out there' have been taking notice. I often get asked, "Wow! What are you doing? You look completely different!" I chalk it up to eating df/gf, drinking GR and doing Buti Yoga. All 3 ingredients need each other for my happy place to thrive.

Movement Is Medicine

My favorite Buti quote is "movement is medicine" and "Buti is a cure that's been kept hidden or secret." I like to say that Buti Yoga unveils that secret/hidden cure when I tap the medicinal movement. Something unspoken happens, stirring a magical alchemy between the emotional and physical world. I feel called to play in this mystical love affair, which keeps bringing me home to my true nature through meditative motion.

My favorite Tone right now is probably #184 with Bizzie. She's hilarious, her moves are inventive, challenging and just feel good! Every single time I do Buti, I feel better than I did before. It's always a slam dunk into feeling grounded and connected to myself and the world. This tribe is an amazing group of women who understands that comparison is the root of all suffering. I am in love with how we support each other completely instead of competing with one another. In my 57 years, I've never known women like this until I found our beloved tribe. I'm forever grateful that I walked through the doors and said yes to giving myself this magical gift. My prayer is that the body will be able to participate for the rest of my days, because I never want to lose this deep connection with myself.

Be sure to keep up with Emily on Instagram (@malibutiyoga + @emilyscherphotography) and at emilyscherphotography.com. And be sure to join the Buti Yoga Facebook Forum and connect with Emily + the entire Buti Fam. 

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