September celebrates the return of cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, the Fall Solstice, and… National Yoga Awareness Month! This month is all about celebrating and recognizing the history and the (insane) health benefits associated with yoga, from mental clarity and stress relief to a more toned body and better flexibility. Honestly, expressing yourself through a yogic practice regardless of the format serves us in so many amazing ways and this month we are bringing our attention to it all!  

Discovered in Ancient India, yoga has been used as a transformational practice for more than 6,000 years; but throughout history and geographical settings the practice has taken many different forms. Meaning “to join or unite,” the word and philosophy of yoga holds a strong belief that self-discovery and transformation occur when the soul body and physical body “unite or join” to create a greater sense of self and personal purpose. If you know Buti, then you know this is our jam. 

Buti stands out as a distinctly different form of yoga representing both traditional practices and an evolutionized approach to self expression + transformation. Working to evolutionize the yogic practice, Buti was created to serve as a movement methodology and expressive platform for our ever changing personal and societal transformation. To celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month, Buti, and the yoga community as a whole, in September we are giving free workouts so we can connect together as we honor the practice in all the ways. Check out the classes below and plan to sweat + celebrate in September!

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Celebrating yoga all month long wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t also honor the evolution of our growth as instructors. As aspiring, new or experienced Buti teachers, there is always (always!) room to grow within your community as leaders. We are consistently providing tools to expand your experience, expertise, and connection through teacher training certifications, annual events like Convention + our Costa Rica Retreat and a live community of Butisattvas sweating it out every damn day on Buti TV.

This month (and always!), give gratitude to every single yoga class you flow through, whether it’s a chilled-out yin or an intense 90-minute Buti Yoga tone. Celebrate with every drop of sweat and every restorative breath until you’re beaming with gratitude for all that is yoga.

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