At Buti Yoga, we value equality, diversity, inclusiveness and the dignity and humanity of each individual in our policies, practices, programs, and interactions.  This is why we are deeply troubled by the events that have taken place over the last several weeks. 

We are deeply saddened by the racism, prejudice, and discrimination that has occurred for centuries and which continues to persist today.  

We believe that all actions, behaviors, and policies rooted in injustice should be condemned and not tolerated.

We questioned whether or not it was our time to speak up and whether it was our voices that needed to be heard during this moment. We felt it was important to hand over our Buti IG platform to amplify the voices of color within our leadership team to help educate us all on the ways in which we can best contribute to this movement and help influence change. 

We felt we owed it to you, our staff, our trainers, and our instructors to perform our due diligence, to listen to the voices of color within our organization and take a long hard look at our company. What we found was that as a company we too have made mistakes in the past and we have fallen short at times. But we commit to doing better and continuing to grow as a company moving forward.  

We believe and understand that our mere words, empathy, and condemnation of injustice is not enough.  We MUST take action.  We must take action not only within our own company walls, but also use the platform we have to invoke action and change in the world around us.

To start, we commit to putting the following practices into place which align with Buti’s core values:

BUILD the world you want to live in.

—We commit to continuing to educate ourselves on ways we can help to further the fight against racism and injustice.  

—We will make contributions to nonprofit organizations that champion human rights and fight against racism and discrimination.  

You can only LEAD others as far as you’ve led yourself.  

—We commit to continuously educating ourselves and our community by amplifying marginalized voices through our platform. 
—We will offer free educational workshops from BIPOC leaders within our company and community.
—We will celebrate, highlight, and honor the cultures and contributions of all of our global instructors around the country and the world.  

True leaders don’t create followers – they CREATE more leaders.  

—We will create a formal mentorship program inclusive to all women. —We will intentionally support and partner with BIPOC- and women-owned businesses.

In addition to the above actions we plan on taking, we also encourage you to continue to listen and continue to engage in those difficult conversations.

We all know that change does not happen overnight and that some of the changes and practices we have committed to will take longer to implement than others. But, we are committed. We hope that you will have grace with us while we continue to educate ourselves and make these needed changes and actions. We of course welcome your feedback and suggestions as we journey through this together.

Buti’s core focus and mission is to share the magic of movement with as many souls as possible. 

We understand that this is not about us as a company or as a brand but us as a collective. We hear you, we see you, and we stand with you – always.

With Love, Kylee Bracher + Shawna Taylor (Co-CEOs and Owners of Buti Yoga) + The Buti Team

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