7 Steps For Busy Moms: How To Fit Yoga Into Your Life

7 Steps For Busy Moms: How To Fit Yoga Into Your Life - Buti Yoga
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March 21st 2016

Ever wake up in the morning and think "What day is it? Did I pay that? Did I send in the permission slip?" only to hear "Mooommm! Do you want the good news or the bad news?"

Each day in the life of any parent is full of unexpected road blocks that can shake even the 'zennest' of us. I've cleaned up my share of messes, from both my children and other people's kids. It's all in the name of the parenting game.

My thoughts on being a parent have drastically changed in the past 2 years. I used to think being a good parent meant physically being at every practice, play date, game, school play and all the outings. I felt that I had to be there for Every. Little. Thing. I believed that reaching for my dreams was selfish and felt I had to put them on hold for the sake of my young children.

Unfortunately to do that means sacrificing your needs, desires and dreams. It's wrong. So wrong. Sacrificing my needs not only hurt me, but my family as well. I sunk into a pretty dark place. Although I was physically there for them, that spark and inner fire was not. I was terrified, literally paralyzed with fear over the thought of leaving my children.

Sunk into a Pretty Dark Place

It wasn't until my Buti RYT training in Nashville, TN, that I left my son for the first time. He was 8 at the time and my daughter was 3. After an amazing eye opening weekend, things started changing drastically for the better. I started acknowledging my needs, began to breathe freely, started practicing yoga regularly, and that inner desire to heal myself and others was ignited.

I found ways to practice everyday, no excuses. For the record, my husband travels a lot, I don't live near family and I didn't have any babysitter, so at first it was a challenge but I made it happen.

7 steps for fitting a regular practice into your busy life:

  • Let go of expectations. Some days my practice consists of both kids fighting behind me over who's down dog is better, and some days it's quiet while my kids play together for 45-50 mins without fighting (not often). There are days when they cry and need help, so I stop, help them and get back to it. Other times my practice is perfect and I'll have an hour or more to myself when no one is home (again not often).
Let Go of Expectations
  • Prioritize you! You are worth this time. It's not selfish to take 45 minutes to 1 hour for yourself and your practice. It will make you present, centered, a better parent and person.
  • Be kind to yourself. If the asanas aren't filling your tank that day let go and meditate, read a book, take a walk, garden, do something else that fills you. Yoga is much more then just asana.
  • Yoga everywhere. Sit with your kids and play in malasana or lotus. If you're cleaning up - stop and drop into an Ardha Chandrasana for a couple of breaths. Hang out in goddess pose while you help your kids draw outside with sidewalk chalk. Drop your yoga everywhere!
  • Journal. Keep a journal of your practice. I know it sounds trite but it helps to visually guide your path as you'll see a pattern in your routines (good or bad). It's also very therapeutic.
  • Keep motivated. Instagram yoga challenges are a great way to stay motivated (@ButiYoga has one that's set to start April 1st). They push you to get your practice in and provide a sense of accomplishment. Added bonus - you may even win some yoga swag while you're at it!
  • Find your Tribe. Hang with your Yogi friends. They inspire and uplift. Practice and laugh together. Bond. Buti sisters are great for that!

Yoga is a journey to yourself through yourself. A journey so necessary. It has saved my life.

Charlotte Kimberly Savage

Kimberly Savage is a Yoga Alliance 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher in Vinyasa yoga, BUTI yoga levels 1 + 2 and Hot BUTI certified. She is currently studying Yoga Therapy with a focus on trauma, addiction recovery, eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Her goal as a yoga teacher is to create a safe place where students can feel free and at peace with their bodies, minds and souls, grow in their practice, build bonds and thrive. Kim and her husband Kevin, son Matthew, daughter Elizabeth and two golden retrievers reside in South Charlotte.

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