Losing Weight & Gaining Some Muscle Tone

I found BUTI Yoga after reading about it in Shape magazine. I started a Buti DVD with the goal of losing weight & gaining some muscle tone.

I was an uncoordinated, out-of-shape mess but I loved the movement and workout.

After a few months, I started the online subscription and became on "online junkie"! I could see the physical changes but even more powerful were the emotional changes. I attended the first BUTI retreat to make real connections.

After meeting the other open, compassionate, caring, non-judging women, Master Trainers and Bizzie, I came home wanting to teach Buti and get certified.

I have had a lot of goals in my life. Certified Yoga Instructor was not one of them.

But when you find a yoga practice that makes your body, heart, mind and soul dance—how can you not want to share it?

When you find a yoga practice that supports all women; that doesn't expect these cookie cutter bodies and attitudes to become instructors or to be part of their tribe—how can you not want to share it?

When you find a practice that allows you to "do you" once you're certified—how can you not want to share it?

Taking the Ryt Plunge

I wanted to share BUTI, to teach BUTI, to connect women back to their hearts & bodies and back to one another!

To become certified did not become just another goal to check off the list—it came from my heart.

I signed up for the Nashville RYT program to begin my journey in sharing this practice with integrity, more knowledge and a deeper understanding of yoga. Yes, it was a huge time and financial commitment.

The 1st unit of the RYT program gave me knowledge about the history of yoga, understanding different types of yoga, anatomy, sanskrit and learning to teach. That was the first layer—but each month (unit) it gets deeper! YOU become the work and the study. I received tools to release & heal the emotional crap that was holding me back.

This program taught me how to heal from learning about and healing my chakras. I received so much support, love and acceptance from every woman in the class. We created bonds that we’ll have for a lifetime! RYT helped me to get clear on my direction, not just professionally but personally, too.

When you heal, get direction and gain support you become a leader—not only ready to teach but to bring it all into life!

That is what I get to carry with me each day because I took the leap! I get to help other women heal; that is so huge. That is what we are here for, right—to heal, love & share!!

Investing in You: Taking the Ryt Plunge

If you think that RYT just means "registered yoga teacher" and a certificate on the wall we aren’t talking about the same program! This RYT means confidence, tools, knowledge, support and friendships for life.

This just isn't a professional investment, it is an investment in yourself. I've spent a lot more money than the cost of this program on clothes, shoes, getting my hair done—an endless list of "things" that made me look good on the outside.

This investment will make you look and feel good on the inside so that you can connect and teach other women to do the same and that is so worth it!

As always, a huge thanks to Bizzie and my other Nashville RYT girls, all of you keep my heart full!!

Editors Note: Interested in certification? Buti offers Yoga Alliance 200 Hour RYT around the world!


Cindy Lives in Fort Worth

lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She is a mom to one amazing daughter, and has been practicing BUTI for 2 years. She became RYT & BUTI certified last year and is 48 years young. She loves teaching BUTI yoga to all levels and ages. Cindy does wellness coaching to help women at every age become healthier -physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

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